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Check out what our past customers have to say about their experiences with Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair of Michigan, Inc.  We do EXCELLENT work, we take our time to fully inspect every aspect of any given job before coming up with our plan of action.  Once we find the best possible solution to help cure your basement waterproofing needs, we discuss our plan of attack and ask for your approval.  If you agree, then we can move forward and get your living space dry and safe for your family to enjoy for years to come.  We are much less expensive than most of the big companies because we do not sped the millions on catchy advertising or celebrity endorsements   We just do good work and we rely on our past customers to share their experiences with the world so we can continue doing good clean business and help keep Michigan basements dry and livable.


“Fast and simple.  They did all the hard stuff and bottom line, my nasty basement is now dry and clean.”

Larry Shy, Warren, MI

“When the snow would melt in the spring and after every heavy rainfall, my basement would get soaked  The first time it happened I lost all my important keepsakes that I had stored in U haul boxes under my staircase.  Not only was it heartbreaking but it was also very expensive due to loss of all the drywall, moldings, carpeting, furniture, etc. that was down there prior to the flood.  Over time the problem got worse and I tried to repair the problem myself thinking it was just a leaky wall that could be fixed with some hydraulic cement and some dry-loc paint.  No dice.  I finally found Basement Waterproofers online and they came out and found that I had a failing drain tile and bad grading outside.  It cost me $6500 but it could have been much worse.  They jack hammered out the outer area of my basement floors and installed new piping under the cement and then restored the cement back to normal.  We have had several very heavy rains since and my basement is dry as the Sahara.  I believe that if it was going to leak again, it would have after the last heavy rain that took place a couple weeks ago where it rained for 2 full days straight and our pool even was overflowing out back  My basement stayed completely dry.  I plan on completely refinishing the basement this winter” now that it is dry again.  Very satisfied customer here"

Paul Colombo, Clinton Township, MI


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